4444 Days

The real thing has a plan for you; the damn thing has a plan for you.

What time is it?

Letting Her In

If you're ready for truth and peace, you should be ready for lies and war.

She's not a coward's business.

Cheap Souls

They say they were purchased with blood, but it's so obvious that "fame" and "wealth" were a lure like no other to their souls. Probably that "blood" is not so precious and powerful as they say it is, because they're still drunk, dreaming of how many will take their crap.

No blood can save me unless it runs through my veins.

I have to feel it for myself.

Bad Luck

As long as the cash keeps coming in, there is "peace", "happiness". They can't find a purpose for all the things they own, yet they feel very "secure" with themselves and their paths. All they ask is a "good life" inside the prison, I mean, the "religious" ones, because the others just seek without asking.

If you feel insecure, your "religious" counterpart has the answer that can save your selfish desire: the songs of death that gave you the "life" you wanted are also songs of resurrection.

It's true, pharaohs, although it might not be exactly the continuation you "hope" for.

It Uses The Jungle

Care about pleasing ego, say the things people want to hear.

But don't say I didn't warn you if you get hurt.

O Meu Papo É Futurista

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

É lunático.

Gaily They Ring

Homosexual or heterosexual pride doesn't make any sense.

Nature has become chaotic, the disorder is everywhere, in everything, everyone; one must have faith to suspect it's not how it used to be. You're only being proud of the Adam in you, the Eve in you.

The rainbow I care about is that of the Christ in me.


No jardim já havia a serpente, já havia o Deus que se esconde. Como assim? Sim, porque Ele guardava consigo a revelação do que se tratava a morte mencionada, não havendo a necessidade de que o homem a provasse para conhecê-la. A Sabedoria conhece o mal melhor que qualquer malicioso, e o revela a seus amigos.

Por que Deus permite o mal, a morte, as doenças, os desastres, as tragédias no mundo?

Porque Ele não tem a obrigação de responder quem não pergunta.

Quer culpar Adão e Eva, fazendo o mesmo?

Boa ventura aos desbravadores da Vida.


No, you have none.

Because you are now disconnected for choosing lie.

The Carpenter

Instead of adhering to a "religion", conforming yourself to the rules and going through life afraid, why don't you choose to work for seven days and seven nights? Do you really think that, prior to starting his public ministry, Jesus was just an ordinary carpenter? I bet He did some magic with wood on the sabbath.

What would you be resting from anyway when you'll have not even begun to work?

You cannot have two lives.

The Blood Of Christ

What is it?

If you know the answer, you're really cleansed from all sin.

Hiding And Not Seeking

When a woman or man lies to you, that means they think they don't have to change to have you. If they have the truth to tell, why lie? Because the "truth" they keep on their minds when they say something different is no truth. The truth is what even they themselves don't know. If they had it, they wouldn't be that apprehensive of telling how anything actually was.

When you're no reason for their change, they'll separate themselves and create a "saintly" version of themselves to try and deceive you, seeking their own desire.

You'll be nothing but another fool on their list.

I'm Extremely Proud

You can't simulate or lie to me.

You're never in control; I have all the time to investigate, analyze the things you say and do.

Get It Right

"Is there a thing of which it is said, 'See, this is new'?"

"For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them."

Yes, the real thing.

You Only Live Once

A generation goes, a generation comes...

Most people want the same predictable things. Not everyone.

Losing Count

Am I supposed to go back for you to stay? I'm gone away and there's no turning back.

Go away; I've already seen it a hundred thousand times before. I promise I won't feel lonely.

Don't Forget

We're here, in the real world, to stay.

It'll Be "Fun"

They promise.

Nem Sherlock

Na verdade, para resolver o caso da geração adúltera é preciso ir da intelectualidade à espiritualidade.

Quer contratar? Apresento as evidências de que você será traída(o) antes mesmo de entrar no relacionamento. A probabilidade de "perdoar" após se conectar é alta, portanto o quanto antes a(o) carente se desconecta, melhor.

Hell hath no fury like a 1958 Plymouth?

I can show you a direction it hates.

Don't be furious, rock 'n' rollers.

Your thing's destiny was to be crushed beneath our feet.

Too Late

It's 6:20.

Our jobs are already gone.

You Think I'm Crazy?

You expect me to wish you good luck? There's no such thing at your comfort zone, only false hope. So enjoy the "peace" you have to live in your wicked world, play your silly game and don't forget to always check the "progress" on your instagram and bank accounts. How many digits has your score so far?

Your ego-based efforts to win mean nothing. I know an inaccessible place where you can't come in and steal. You didn't even have to bother telling me to get up so we could finish this; you could knock me down but you could never knock me out of Her.

You could break my balls only while I wasn't sure you were the enemy, part of the whole.

Now I'm ready for any bad thing when I'm dealing with your system.

The Future Has Come

Um salve para todos os estudantes e trabalhadores que me acompanharam e, para vocês músicos que especialmente gostam de dois salves, eles ficam por conta dos estudantes e trabalhadores. "Come to Brazil!", eles dizem. Mas vocês não estão indo a lugar algum.

The whole damn thing has turned to dust.